It appears NBC has decided to possibly live stream the games they will cover on Sunday Night Football and they are definitely using social media – Twitter specifically – to engage viewers and create buzz about the game.

For tonight’s game they are actually simulcasting it online along with the television broadcast.

If you take a look at the online interface you will see the social sidebar they are using for the games:


Here is a close up view of the social sidebar:


You can see percentages for each team in the game and directly below that is a button that reads Tweet Vikings and Tweet Saints.  By clicking that button you will get a new window on Twitter with a tweet for you to send:


By sending this tweet you become part of the overall percentages being reported in this social sidebar and it starts to fill the Twitter stream up with that hashtag (#snfeSaints):


I have to give NBC some credit here – this is a good use of social media and engaging the fans.  If they do stream all the games they broadcast they will draw all kinds of people who like to watch the game and be online at the same time.  That is exactly what I am doing as I prepare this blog post!

What do you think of NBC’s efforts here to tie social media to their broadcast of football games?