Did you know that Microsoft has nearly 100 language files that can be used on Windows 7 and Windows Vista?

They come in two types:

Language Packs. If you’re running the Ultimate or Enterprise edition of Windows Vista or Windows 7, you can download any of the 33 available language packs by using Windows Update. Language packs provide a translated version of Windows dialog boxes, menu items, and help content.

Language Interface Packs (LIPs). LIPs can be installed over any edition of Windows Vista and Windows 7, providing a translated version of only the most widely used dialog boxes, menu items, and help content. You can download LIPs from the Microsoft Download Center by using the links below. To install a LIP, you will need to have the required parent language installed on your PC.

There are also over 50 language files for Windows XP and over 60 language files for Microsoft Office which you can download.

These language files allow you to view the software’s menus, dialog boxes and user interface in that preferred language.

Microsoft Windows is truly a global piece of software and these language packs make it easy for someone to use Microsoft Windows and Office in their native language.

Note: Your copy of Windows/Office must be genuine to be able to install and use these files.