CPU Meter Windows 7 Sidebar Gadget


Another one of my permanent sidebar gadgets in Windows 7 is from the Windows 7 Personalization Gallery gadget section – the All CPU Meter:


This gadget adapts based on however many cores you have, up to 24, and allows you to keep an eye on the level of work your processor is doing.  It also tracks your RAM usage, shows your CPU clock speed and the graphic changes to show the manufacturer of your processor.

The author of this gadget provides a great breakdown of the entire gadget interface:


Download the All CPU Meter

8 thoughts on “CPU Meter Windows 7 Sidebar Gadget

  1. Hmm… I can get to the 3.3 version with the link that you and the developer have given using Chrome 6 but not using IE 9 beta, even after flushing the cache and browser history?! This is bizarre. Any ideas why this should be so?

  2. The All CPU Meter V3.1 and V3.2 loads by are completely blank after installing Explorer 9 Beta on my Windows 7-64 system .. I have seen other similar posts but have not seen the solution ..