You may have heard there was a sequel in the works for the wildly popular Batman: Arkham Asylum game from last August.  Well this past week Warner Brothers Games announced that the Dark Knight sequel will be on store shelves in the Fall of 2011 – about one year from now.

A year to build the excitement about what I think is the best first person game ever will have fans in a frenzy and wishing they were in a deep freeze waiting for it.

Batman: Arkham Asylum was the first time I really got into a first person perspective game since I made the move to console based gaming a couple of years ago.  This is a franchise that has done it right and I will happily be waiting on the doorsteps of a store to get this upon release.

If you want some more info about the upcoming release make sure you visit the Batman: Arkham City website.  There you can sign up to receive updates, view the first trailer and even pre-order the game.

Over 4700 people have already Liked the trailer via Facebook.  This is definitely going to be a long year of waiting for this one!

So are you there waiting for this game when it comes out next year?