The roll out of the new web based began in mid June and continues to this day.  As Mike Schackwitz explained about two weeks after it started this process is not going to be rushed. His estimate at the time was that there were still a few weeks left to finish if everything went smoothly.  I imagine with the millions of people who use Hotmail that there are bound to be a few bumps.  Even if it was 99% successful that is still a lot of bumps in that 1%.

If your like me and still waiting on your update to the new web interface then here is something you can do in the mean time to get up to speed on all the new features they have added.


This page features 15 second introductions to all the new features so in less than about 10 minutes you should have a great understanding of all the new terms and functions in the Hotmail web interface.

New Windows Live Hotmail Features

It is not unlike picking up that new piece of hardware or software at the store and then breaking out the users manual before you get home.  Turns out to be a good way to fill that time until you can use the new item.

My favorite new feature is the Sweep tool. It makes it easy to eliminate unwanted email from my inbox without having to worry about unsubscribing and it lets me organize incoming email based on subject matter, sender, etc.  It works similarly to the Rules Wizard in Outlook which I use a lot.

Two questions for you.  What is your favorite feature and have you received the update yet?  I look forward to hearing from you in the comments.