It’s almost August and that means it is just about time for the new Madden NFL game to hit shelves. 

Madden is one of two games that I always buy at release for my Xbox 360 and this year is no exception.  Well actually except instead of walking into the store to pick it up I opted to pre-order this years edition from Walmart because they are offering a very nice pre-order special.

On top of that it will arrive at my house on the same day it shows up in stores so that makes it an even better deal.  Oh yeah, free shipping too!

Madden NFL 11 w/ Bonus $20 eGift Card (Xbox 360)

As you can see on the product page the retail price is $59.96. The bonus is that you receive a free $20 eGift card from Walmart along with this order.  That effectively makes the price of the latest version of Madden NFL just $39.96.  That is a deal these days for a new release game.

One caveat is that you can not use the eGift card on this purchase so you will have to use it on a later transaction with Walmart.  They are still giving you $20 for making this purchase so free money is good right?

Since the release date is quickly approaching that means a demo will soon be available.  Madden NFL 11’s demo will be available on 27 July 2010 and features the New York Jets against the Indianapolis Colts.

The demo will feature many of this year’s newest features, including the option to use GameFlow, an all-new playcalling system that automatically selects the best play for your team based on situational, authentic NFL game plans. You’ll also have the ability to create a full game plan before the game begins, using the Jets or Colts playbook. To showcase the updated audio presentation in this year’s game, the demo will also include commentary by Gus Johnson and Chris Collinsworth

Lastly, exclusively for Madden fans that play the demo, if you create and save a game plan in the demo, then you’ll automatically unlock the "master strategist" achievement/trophy once you buy the retail copy for the first time. In addition, demo players will get access to a unique Madden Ultimate Team card (Jets Stadium, complete with a defensive boost).

Demo Details:

Teams: Indianapolis Colts vs. New York Jets

Stadium: Jets Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

Time/Weather: 1:00 p.m./clear

Skill Levels: Rookie, Pro, All-Pro, All-Madden, Five-minute quarters