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Well with the lack of recent activity on a new season and absolutely no info about it on the Xbox Live service there was a lot of suspicion that this game was on its last leg so this should not be a big surprise.

Today that was confirmed by @MajorNelson on his twitter account:

majornelson: The 1v100 team has moved on to work on other projects:

about 5 hours ago via TweetDeck from Overlake, Redmond

The reaction on Twitter has been overwhelmingly negative about this decision. Here are a few of the comments:

  • “can we petition to bring back 1 vs. 100?”
  • “bad move”
  • “That’s the most disappointing news out of XBox all year.”
  • “Well, no reason for me to renew gold, then.”
  • “Really bummed about 1v100 being canceled, it had a lot of potential. The only stand out on the XBL service, to me.”
  • “It’s a sad day – my girlfriend got a live account specifically for 1vs100. Hard to believe it’s cancelled.”
  • “That really sucks! They ALWAYS get rid of stuff people like. I am getting so frustrated with XBOX.”

I was not a heavy player of this game but I tried it out several times during its beta and regular season.  I did find it enjoyable but ultimately it was always back to my regular games.

Did you play 1 vs 100? Are you surprised by this decision?