Still not sure about the move to Windows 7?  Well if my vouching for it on this site is not enough then check out this website called The 7 Wonders of Windows 7.

This site provide several short videos on the main page highlighting new features in Windows 7 such as:

  • BranchCache
  • DirectAccess
  • BitLockerToGo
  • Search Federation
  • AppLocker
  • 3G Wireless Networking

It also has links to the free downloadable trial edition of Windows 7 Enterprise and to Windows 7 E-Learning courses in English, French and Turkish languages.  The Windows 7 tutorials alone are well worth a visit and there is even an opportunity to contact them for the DVD ISO downloads to use in a non-networked environment.

There is also a desktop gadget showing the Microsoft SpringBoard Series RSS feed.

Visit 7 Wonders of Windows 7.

P.S.  Just ignore the fella in the yellow shirt – he does a lot of gesturing when your not active on the site Smile