I recently wrote about my initial impressions with the Windows Live Writer (WLW) Wave 4 beta and my good friend Gil at GilsMethod.com wrote about the incorporation of the Ribbon Toolbar in this beta version and provides a great walk through of the WLW Ribbon itself through screenshots.  It certainly has its pros and cons but it is still by far the best way to prepare postings for a blog.

A beta usually brings a lot of changes and the ribbon is a good example of that however, one area that remained practically untouched in this update was the keyboard shortcuts – just one of them has seen a change between Wave 3 and Wave 4.

If you head over to Aaron’s Live Writer Blog and check out his write up on the WLW Wave 4 keyboard shortcuts you can see the one that was changed out of the whole group.  Aaron explains the opportunity they took advantage with Wave 4:

Adding the Ribbon UI to Windows Live Writer gave us a chance to also look at the keyboard shortcuts for the product as a whole.  Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts that you can use in the Live Writer beta.  We tried to match the same shortcuts used in Office applications looking specifically at Word since it is the most common to Live Writer.

Aaron is on the Windows Live Writer team at Microsoft.