There seems to be quite a bit of confusion in the blog-o-sphere about the deal ending this coming Saturday, 03 July 2010.

If you go read some of the big websites that talk about this they are making it seem like the entire Windows Anytime Upgrade (WAU) program is done after being available for less than a year since the release of Windows 7 last October.

However, if you go to the original entry by Ashley Brown on the Windows Team Blog he states it is the deal related to the purchase of a new PC:

Right now, with the purchase of any new PC, you can upgrade from Windows 7 Starter to Windows 7 Home Premium for $49.99 ERP (normally $79.99) or Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional for $79.99 ERP (normally $89.99).

However, it seems no one is noticing his comment about this deal being related to the purchase of a new PC.  Everyone has jumped to the conclusion that the entire WAU program has been scrapped.

In fact, a commenter states that in the story comments and Ashley responds with this:

Ashley Brown

June 30, 2010

We aren’t ending Windows Anytime Upgrade, just the discount promotion we’re currently running on these two upgrades.

So everyone please step back from the keyboard and re-read what Ashley wrote and realize that the WAU program is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Thanks @winashbrown for the clarification in your story.

If you want to read on how easy it is to use the WAU Program in Windows 7 then check out the Windows Anytime Upgrade Process.