As you know a lot of official info has been flowing from Microsoft recently about the upcoming Windows Live Wave 4 version of Live services and programs. In fact, some of those updates have already started rolling out such as the Windows Live Hotmail update which began on 15 June.

Well it looks like more Wave 4 betas are heading our way.

The Windows Live Writer team, @WLWriter, tweeted this comment a short while ago:

Are you using Live Writer Wave 4 build 15.02.2583.0119? You should uninstall it NOW in preparation for the real Wave 4 beta build. about 3 hours ago via web

Then in response to questions about the above tweet they replied back the the public beta is arriving soon.

I like to interpret that NOW in their tweet as being fairly urgent.  I will also speculate that since this tweet came about 3 hours ago that would make it about 2 AM in Seattle which is on Pacific Daylight Time.

Maybe they spent a late night putting the final touches on the public beta code because it has to be ready for a public release which is arriving soon? Like maybe today?

So will you try out the Windows Live Wave 4 Public Beta when it comes out?