We mentioned the other day that no pricing details were provided during Microsoft’s Xbox Press Conference at E3 when Kinect for Xbox 360 was officially announced.  We also talked in that same posting about GameStop putting up their pre-order pages for Kinect and showing a price of $149.99 for the new Xbox 360 peripheral.

While there has still not been anything official on the Kinect for Xbox 360 pricing has posted Kinect for pre-order and is also using the $149.99 price point for those sales.


Now they do add an interesting caveat at the bottom of the Kinect product description:

Official pricing and release date have not been announced by the publisher. These are estimates only and subject to change.

They also offer a Pre_order Price Guarantee like GameStop does so if you do order and the price goes down you will get the new lower price.  However, I am also sure that if the price goes up for some reason then the caveat from the pre-order page will kick in and you will get notified of the increase.

So what do you think of this pricing? Will this price deter you from buying Kinect?