Once again I have a chance to share a Windows 7 Theme with everyone because Windows 7 makes it easy to do

However, this one is a little different as not only am I pleased to bring you this theme but I am also bringing you the first theme on this site that is based on photos taking by someone else.

I met @flyingjenny last month at the NASA Tweetup for the STS-132 Launch which I was able to attend at Kennedy Space Center.  She was one of our NASA Ambassadors for the visit.  She works at NASA as a Space Shuttle Technician which in my opinion has to be one of the coolest jobs on the planet!

On top of that Jen is also the founder of the SpaceTweeps Society. Here is the their description from their website:

The Space Tweep Society is a group of space enthusiasts on Twitter from a variety of backgrounds. Our ranks include NASA and other space program employees, astronomers, journalists, astrophysicists, scientists, educators, and space geeks.  Our mission is to promote enthusiasm for all things space and to unite those inside the space industry with those who are outside looking in.

Jen is an avid photographer and you can see all of her work at her flickr page –

This is the first of three themes I will be bringing your way using Jen’s sunset/sunrise photos which she very graciously gave me permission to use.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and if you get a minute visit Jen’s flickr page and send her a note on Twitter to let her know what you think of her work.

Download Jen’s Fire Sky 1 Windows 7 Theme

Fire Sky 1a Fire Sky 1b Fire Sky 1c
Fire Sky 1d Fire Sky 1e Fire Sky 1f
Fire Sky 1g Fire Sky 1h Fire Sky 1i
Fire Sky 1j Fire Sky 1k Fire Sky 1l

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