There is a new attempt happening out there using what appears to be emails from Twitter to invite you to download films from a new Twitter service.  The link actually leads to a greetings card site.

The intent of these emails are to get clicks to a domain to increase traffic for that site.  It could also just as easily lead you to a malware site to infect your PC.

Always check what you get in your email inbox and if it looks the least bit suspicious then leave it alone.  Another option is to do some research and see, like in this case, if Twitter has suddenly started a movie download service.

Twitter has not begun a movie download service in case you were wondering.

Something else about this email that raises suspicion is it indicates I recently changed my email address associated with Twitter. Again, something I have not done recently.


Fake Twitter E-Mail. I blacked out their fake link.

All the links but that one in the middle go to valid Twitter web pages. They do that in order to gain your confidence and to show you they are valid which of course they are not.

Stay safe out there on the web and in your email inboxes.