A sure sign that we are about to see the real goods on the new Windows Live Essentials from Microsoft is that information – official information – is flowing out of Redmond.

Yesterday it was a FAQ from the Windows Live Mesh Team about the new Windows Live Sync and how it will be implemented compared to Live Mesh.

Before that it was the new Windows Live Preview website which features all the elements of the new software suite and the various programs new features.

Now today it is the Explore Windows Live website that has come online.  This site is not unlike the Windows Live Preview website in that it shows off all the new features of the Live Essentials programs.


Here are direct links to the various program profiles:

Just another word of warning – the link to downloads still goes to the Windows Live Essentials Wave 3 which is the current edition of Essentials.

I have no inside information on when the public beta/preview of Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 but from what I have been reading on various tech sites it is expected at the end of this month.

At least we have plenty to read about until then.