I often get asked two questions via Twitter that relate to my Xbox 360.

The first one – How do I tweet information on what game I am currently playing on my Xbox 360?

The second one – How does your Xbox 360 blog?

The answers are Xbox Live Nation and 360 Voice.


By signing up for an account at Xbox Live Nation and providing my Xbox Live GamerTag and my Twitter credentials anytime I am online with my Xbox 360 whether  browsing the dashboard, playing a game, watching a video, etc. the Xbox Live Nation site will tweet an update at the interval you pick.

Sample Tweet

Richard HayWinObs Xbox Live: winobs is currently Online. Playing Madden NFL 10. vs. Redskins; 2nd qtr.; 7 – 7. (Xbox Live Nation)




As the tag line for 360 Voice says Give Your Xbox Its Own Voice – they should add a sarcastic, funny, sad, etc. voice.  Some of the stuff your Xbox will come up with based on whether you game or not on a certain day is awesome.

Just sign up for an account at 360 Voice and provide your GamerTag and choose to have your Xbox blog and then give it a day or two to get started.  They have RSS feeds you can pull in to keep an eye on what kind of smack your Xbox is talking about you on their blog.

Sample Tweet

Richard HayWinObs WinObs’ Xbox – May 27 2010: Yesterday was one of those times WinObs mistook the TV remote for the controller. I …
Just one thing – don’t get into an argument with your Xbox – they will always win!

Enjoy and please share your Xbox’s Blog links in the comments for everyone to see and read – thanks!