The staff at Twitter has just posted a new blog entry about their improved and updated internationalized help center.

Here is what you can expect to find on the updated help pages:

International help resources: we’ve translated our help documents into Spanish, French, Italian, and German. Japanese coming soon! Thanks translators, for all your hard work!

New Look-and-Feel: we’ve organized articles by topics and groups to help you find what you are looking for faster. We’ve integrated better with Twitter, and a fresh look-and-feel makes for a happier browsing experience.

@anywhere integration: you’ll notice hovercards in article comments in your tickets! This makes it easy to follow a user, or retweet what others are saying.

Improved Search: we’ve worked with Zendesk, our third-party help desk provider, to improve search response times and results.

Regular updates on known issues: all of our known issues are listed here, updated every week by our Support team. We’ve also linked to Twitter’s Status blog, a great resource for service updates when things have gone wrong on

Mobile help section: find out everything you need to know about using Twitter on your phone!

Business help: answers for questions about Twitter’s upcoming business features- more coming soon!

Integration with @support and @safety: easily find updates from our @support and @safety accounts, as well as the internationalized versions of those accounts.


As you can see from the main help page they have broken things down into three main areas:

  • Twitter Basics
    • Tweets and Messages
    • Profile and Account Settings
    • Finding and Following People
  • Something’s Not Working
    • Can’t Login
    • Account Suspended
    • Troubleshooting
  • Report A Violation
    • TM, Copyright, Privacy
    • Spam, Phishing, Hacking
    • Twitter Rules

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Interesting tidbit from the posting – there are only 14 people and 4 engineers on the Twitter Support Team.