The Xbox 360 is about to have another timed exclusive from the other consoles with the next Modern Warfare 2 Map Pack on June 03.  The second map pack is called the ‘Resurgence Pack’ and will have five more maps.

As you can gather from the press release we don’t know much more than that. What we assume is that the pack will feature a mix of new maps and renovated versions of Call of Duty 4 maps given the title of the bundle. What we also assume is that the “Resurgence Pack” will carry the $15 price tag of the “Stimulus Package”.

We know this is welcome news to gamers like myself who need something different in the game to continue to keep it a fresh experience.

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UPDATE:  My good friend on twitter @DKo2RE, also named Robert, pointed out to me just now that Robert Bowling of Infinity Ward had a rare mid-week interview with Xbox’s own Major Nelson and revealed details that there cryptic press release linked earlier did not reveal.

According to the interview the first map will be called “Carnival” with a theme park with everything from bumper cars, Farris wheel, fun house, roller-coaster etc.   The second called “Fuel” considered a sniper map with its a wide open space like overgrown as its a oil refinery.  Without much detail, but Robert Bowling did say there based on past COD4 maps Vacant and Strike.

Want to listen to the timed Xbox Exclusive Map Pack 2 details by Robert Bowling  for Modern Warfare 2 listen to the interview, thanks to @DKo2RE pointed out to me today that the Major had the unusual post tonight during the week with the Major Nelson Podcast usually only on Sunday’s  during the week!


Our friends over at Kotaku just got the first screenshots of Map Pack #2.