Originally this was going to be a In Real Life (IRL) event in Redmond, WA however Microsoft has decided to offer it as a Virtual Windows Summit to allow a larger audience to participate in the event.

So what does the Windows Summit 2010 consists of?

Well there are three main tracks during the event:

  • Device Technical Implementer – Discover the rich customization features in Windows 7 that enables partners to create a custom user experience for the PC or device. Targeted at software and device firmware engineers, this track will provide you with the direction and technical information to unlock the power of Windows 7 to create a great device experience. Available on May 25.
  • System Technical Implementer – Understand the features of Windows 7 that you can leverage to create and deliver the best system possible. You’ll see how implementing a few fundamental techniques can dramatically improve overall system quality and key user experiences. Available on June 2.
  • Software Technical Implementer – The Windows 7 platform makes it easy for developers to create engaging, user-friendly applications by providing familiar tools and rich development features that allow them to take advantage of the latest PC capabilities. The sessions in this track will guide you through the key developer advances in fundamentals, richer application experiences, and the best of Windows and the Web. Available on June 16.

Within each track there are several individual presentations that take you more in depth in each area.

If you have any questions about the Windows Summit 2010 you can contact the team on Twitter at @WinSummit2010 or Facebook at Windows-Summit-2010.