This past week Microsoft retired Xbox Live support for the original Xbox.  This was done so that the current generation Xbox Live for 360 can advance forward without the technical limitations of still being part of the original Xbox.

This of course ended online play for the epic game Halo 2 on the console. Here are some amazing statistics that incurred during the lifetime of Halo 2 on Xbox Live.

I captured some amazing statistics from the folks at Xbox Evolved

· Unique Players (not including guests): 6,603,900

· Kills: 36,784,837,266 (Or something like 5.5 times the current population of the earth)

· Assists: 10,422,552,715

· Minutes in Matchmatchmade games: 29,974,329,203

· Hours in Matchmatchmade games: 499,572,15

· Days in Matchmatchmade games: 20,815,506

· Years in Matchmatchmade games: 56,991 (So since around 54,981 BC, about the time Europe was thought to have started being inhabited by Neanderthals)

· Seconds playing campaign on live: 850,462,468,852

· Minutes playing campaign on live: 14,174,374,480

· Hours playing campaign on live: 236,239,574

· Days playing campaign on live: 9,843,315

· Years playing campaign on live: 26,950 (Or about 1.7 billion dollars at a minimum wage of 7.25)

· Total Clans: 8,653,124

The news for Halo 2 fans is not as gloomy as it sounds.  Halo 2 for PC can still be played online because its part of “Microsoft Games for Live” and is still supported including some new maps that were never in the Xbox version and yes new achievements can be had.