The subject is a bit misleading as not only is this post a welcome to our newest team member here at – he is the only other team member besides myself :-)

Now we are really a team here!

Please join me in welcoming Isaac Steinberg to the writing staff here at the site. Isaac is from Burlington, VT and according to his Twitter bio (@iians) is a Tech Enthusiast, Gamer on Xbox Live (Ag3nt IiS), a current Xbox Ambassador (for 2 years now), a NOC Network Engineer, Student, Skier and loves a good challenge!


As you might have figured out, Isaac is going to be our beat writer about anything and everything related to the Xbox. Whether it is Xbox Live, hardware, software or the things in between expect him to provide the insight that his four years of gaming on Xbox Live and two years of Xbox Live Ambassadorship bring to the table.

We have also added a forum so that you have a spot to seek out not only Isaac’s assistance with your Xbox experience but your peers help as well.

You can visit it and get things started right here:

So welcome to the team Isaac – actually thanks for making us a team and I look forward to what you have in store for us.