As I started my normal routine today I logged into Tweetdeck and was prompted for my Facebook Connection information.

No big deal right? Every once in a while you get prompted for your credentials just to keep things up to speed security wise.

So after doing my initial checks I closed out Tweetdeck to get breakfast.  Afterwards I then returned to my computer and fired up Tweetdeck once again – and once again I was prompted for my Facebook Connect info.

OK – now that is a little out of the norm to be asked for all the info twice in a row. So I sent a quick tweet out and received several responses that they had also been prompted for their Facebook info when starting up Tweetdeck over the last day or so.

In fact a search of Twitter shows the issue is widespread today and Tweetdeck has also tweeted about the issue:

A problem with Facebook Connect is causing some folk to see FB login prompts when starting TD. Hopefully they’ll fix it soon.

Like they said – I hope it clears up soon!