EA Sports has finalized their long running beta of Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online and has opened up the game to all comers – for a price of course.

First let me say I am very impressed with the playability of Tiger Woods via this online portal. It runs well on my PC and is graphically attractive and provides you many options for online interaction through single and multi player games, tournaments, etc.  There were apparently over 2 million rounds of golf played during the beta since May 2009.

I voiced my concerns when Tiger Woods and Madden disappeared from the PC scene and there were all kinds of promises made about them coming back, etc. etc.

Well it seems they have not done too shabby a job in bringing Tiger Woods back to the PC – anywhere and anytime through this online version of the game.

It will cost you to play though:

  • Standard Membership is $59.99 per year and includes 1,500 points that can be used to improve your golfer and buy stuff in the online pro shop. There are unlimited rounds on all courses.
  • Month by month cost is $9.99. This also allows unlimited rounds on all courses.

There is also pay as you go access.

Expect things to cost you in here. There are free courses but they will eventually charge you for additional courses. Hey wait – that sounds like the Xbox 360 model!