If the run of Windows Live Wave 4 stories over at is any indication then we must be getting close to a release of some type.

I say official because there have been plenty of un-official leaks and screenshots spreading around the net. Just go to your favorite search engine and look for them – they are there in bulk!

For those who might now be aware of Windows Live Wave 4 – this is the next version of a suite of Microsoft programs that are tightly linked with the Windows Operating System but developed separately in order to provide a more aggressive update schedule. The last wave of these programs, Wave 3, was released well over a year ago.

According to WikiPedia:

Windows Live is the collective brand name for a set of services and software products from Microsoft. A majority of these services are Web applications, accessible from a browser, but there are also client-side binary applications that require installation on a user’s PC. There are three ways in which Windows Live services are offered: Windows Live Essentials applications, web services, and mobile services.[1]

When will we finally get the Windows Live Wave 4 bits? I would say TechEd 2010, which is scheduled for 07-10 June 2010 in New Orleans, might be the venue. It is the next big technology event on Microsoft’s calendar and they like to make these type of announcements on a big stage.

Based on what I have been reading over at – there are some big changes coming.

As LiveSide’s new tag line says – Waiting for Wave 4!