10:17:56 AM: Welcome to the Live Blog for the Windows 7 Launch here in New York City. The venue is open and lots of mingling happening.

10:18:52 AM: All of the art on the walls are the wallpapers that first showed up in the RC version of Windows 7.

10:23:46 AM: Windows 7 Launch Wall Art. http://twitpic.com/mgyfn

10:26:02 AM: Just got to meet Tom Warren from http://neowin.net

10:35:22 AM: We have just been allowed to enter the main area for the launch keynote. 25 minutes and counting. http://twitpic.com/mgzp7

10:40:48 AM: Just shifted over to the netbook for the keynote live blog. Much easier typing then the Blackjack II :-) Thanks for all the RT’s!

10:42:45 AM: Windows 7 is still the number 3 trending topic on Twitter.

10:43:11 AM: It is standing room only for the launch keynote – literally – no seats in the venue :-)

10:46:23 AM: The amount of bandwidth being absorbed in here must be HUGE! Smartphones, netbooks, laptops.

10:48:46 AM: The infamous @winobs netbook: http://pic.gd/67f754 Me: From @tchachra who is attending the event with me!

10:50:08 AM: Kylie is now up on the video screen with her latest commercial for Windows 7.

10:51:14 AM: Just a note – you have to refresh the blog entry to see the updates on the live blog. 10 minutes to go! http://bit.ly/1SOpeU

10:57:03 AM: They are running all of the Windows 7 commercials from the entire campaign right now.

10:57:38 AM: We are just a couple of minutes away from the keynote and Steve Ballmer for the NYC Windows 7 Launch.

10:59:03 AM: There are some curtains up marking off other areas which appear to have PC’s setup. I am assuming we will get to check those out afterward.

11:00:43 AM: The lights just went down and Kylie is showing us how to improve pictures with Windows 7 in her photo commercial.

11:02:30 AM: Tami Weller has just come onstage. She is the Corporate Vice President and CFO, Windows & Windows Live.

11:03:18 AM: 1 billion customers for Microsoft.

11:03:37 AM: Kylie from the Windows 7 commercials is here!

11:04:51 AM: She is going to demo Windows 7 for us! She just introduced Steve Ballmer.

11:05:47 AM: Kylie just told Steve Ballmer he was late this morning. He just gave her a netbook – it’s pink. And there she goes!

11:06:34 AM: Steve just said he was an enthusiastic personality – you think?

11:07:04 AM: 45,000 stores selling Windows 7 as of today. 8 million beta testers!

11:09:09 AM: 3,000 Microsoft engineers, 50,000 partners and 8 million beta testers helped build Windows 7.

11:10:08 AM: Discussing the Wishing Wall that was used to help tune Windows 7.

11:11:31 AM: Windows 7 Works the way you want; Simplifies every day tasks and makes new things possible.

11:12:49 AM: Unfortunately I guess Kylie is not demoing Windows 7 – that would have been cool.

11:13:40 AM: Talking about Windows without walls. Connecting PC, Phone and TV screens.

11:14:30 AM: Just mentioned that Brad Brooks will be demoing some of the Windows 7 features. He is Corporate Vice President, Windows Consumer Marketing and Product Management.

11:15:06 AM: The 7 wonders of Windows 7.

11:16:00 AM: Demoing Device Stage with a Nikon Digital DSLR camera.

11:16:49 AM: Using Windows Live Photo Gallery to manage the pictures. Making a movie now with Windows Live Movie Maker.

11:17:55 AM: Less than 3 minutes to download pictures and make a movie with music.

11:18:39 AM: Demoing multi touch now with a HD screen. Showing off Windows Media Center now.

11:19:26 AM: Rest assured I will fix all the spelling errors later today :-) (Done)

11:20:43 AM: Showing Content Channels in Windows Media Center. Announcing a new interactive Internet experience with CBS that you can get via Media Center.

11:21:29 AM: You can get HD streaming to anyone’s Windows 7 PC with this deal between CBS and Microsoft.

11:22:08 AM: Discussing Netflix now being available in Windows Media Center as well to stream movies to your Windows 7 PC.

11:22:46 AM: Touch looks a little sensitive – took him three tries to close the Windows Media Center app in the demo.

11:24:09 AM: New announcement – In early November Amazon will release a touch enabled beta application for Kindle content viewing on your PC.

11:24:40 AM: Demoing Homegroup now for sharing files, printers, etc.

11:27:30 AM: Homegroup automatically starts installing printer drivers when selected. You can move a laptop in between home and work easily with HG.

11:28:32 AM: Demoing Remote Streaming feature – connecting to a PC in Redmond Washington as part of the demo. Showing the Family Guy Windows 7 bit.

11:32:27 AM: Now showing PlayTo feature. Connecting a Windows 7 PC to AV gear, digital picture frame an Xbox and HDTV.

11:34:17 AM: One Windows 7 PC driving 17 screens and devices. 54% resources being utilized. Wow very cool. Demo done.

11:34:44 AM: Steve Ballmer is back on stage now after the demo by Brad Brooks.

11:35:06 AM: 300 million PC will be sold this year with Windows on them.

11:35:58 AM: He just said the "new" Hulu application. Hmm wonder what that means?

11:38:46 AM: Today we have computers that are for every room, for every person for every facet of their lives.

11:40:34 AM: They just opened the curtain and they have a bunch of scenarios setup to show off Windows 7 PC’s.

11:40:59 AM: Showing off an Acer Aspire now. 15 second boot up.

11:41:47 AM: Showing off an HP Envy now – 1-2 seconds wake up from sleep mode.

11:42:21 AM: 7 hours of battery life on that HP Envy. One button and it is asleep in 1 second.

11:42:58 AM: Demoing a Sony touch screen system.

11:43:34 AM: Just had Stephen Boots walk up and introduce himself – said he is watching my Tweets! Hello Stephen!

11:44:18 AM: Showing Dell Latitude new touch screen – dual monitor between laptop and desktop monitor. Uses cordless connections for data and power.

11:45:54 AM: 50 or 60 frames per second on the newest generation of netbooks! Many under 500 dollars.

11:46:45 AM: Showing Acer Aspire Revo – about same size as half a ASUS netbook. Starting price around $200.

11:48:24 AM: Discussing the graphics API, Direct X 11 and Windows 7. The graphics are unreal.

11:49:19 AM: Showing a carbon fiber case style netbook. The gear in it sounds like a bleeding edge desktop system.

11:49:49 AM: Dell Adamo thin laptop. I missed the thickness but it is thin. Wow.

11:50:48 AM: Discussing retail and hardware partner deals that are out there now.

11:51:21 AM: OK – end of the keynote. Going to go around and check stuff out. More to follow.

11:56:02 AM: OK back mobile but still live blogging.

12:06:37 PM: The Acer Revo 3600. http://twitpic.com/mhaf1

12:13:04 PM: The Samsung ION 510 Netbook. Carbon fiber case. http://twitpic.com/mhb16

12:20:44 PM: Demo of Kindle for PC. http://twitpic.com/mhca7

12:33:54 PM: Checking out 3D gaming glasses – wow. NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision. Very light and nifty.

12:37:53 PM: NVIDIA 3D Glasses. http://twitpic.com/mhedp

12:39:06 PM: Was just shown a demo of a game called RUSE. Touch enabled game of the Command and Conquer style. Wow.

12:48:23 PM: Dell Adamo – a very slick looking system. http://twitpic.com/mhfyj

12:53:03 PM: I am wrapping up my live blog of today’s events. Thanks for coming along for the ride!