Yes I spelled that right – Trackr missing the e.  That seems to be the trend of Web 2.0 or whatever version of the web we are on :-)

I want to introduce you to a gadget I keep coming back to on a very regular basis. It is the best tracking consolidator I have found.

You can get your own copy of PackageTrackr at the Microsoft Live Gallery where you can download it and install it directly to your desktop.


Once installed you just enter your tracking number in the lower entry field and your package will be tracked by the gadget.  From what I have been able to figure out the gadget will only track one item at a time without an account at the main PackageTrackr website. Sign up is simple, quick and requires email validation.

As you can see in the above snapshot I am tracking two current deliveries.  Currently automatic updates are planned for a future update – so you have to refresh the status manually right now. A minor inconvenience.

When you click on one of your tracked packages you get the tracking flyout that includes info on the package itself:


If you click on the Maps tab on that same flyout you get a graphical representation of where your package is, how it is being moved (air, land, sea).  This map is also interactive so you can see the entire route your package is taking.  Green is completed – blue is in transit:


If you click the edit tab you can give your shipment a recognizable name such as New PC, Flowers, etc.

If you opt for an account at the PackageTrackr website you can set your deliveries to archive after so many days so you can keep everything in tact for historical purposes.

Currently PackageTrackr can track the following delivery services:

  • UPS
  • FEDEX Smartpost
  • DHL
  • DHL Global Mail
  • USPS
  • TNT
  • UK City Link
  • Aramex
  • CEVA
  • UPS Mail Innovation

This gadget is one of a handful I keep open on my desktop.  If you deal a lot in deliveries either incoming or outgoing then this gadget will serve you well.