Two weeks ago I posted an entry asking the question – Windows 7 – What Do You Think? I was seeking your inputs on what is working and what isn’t in Windows 7 as it approaches RTM.

As a thank you for participating in the discussion I offered a SWAG package that included a I’M A PC mouse and stickers.

So earlier today I went to and put in the figures I needed to select someone randomly from the commenter’s, myself not included of course, to find out who gets the goodies.

Here are the screenshots from that process:


That 12 is the total number of comments on the story.


And this of course is the results when I hit the Generate button. Drum Roll please…

The 7th comment on the Windows 7 – What Do You Think? story was:


So Kristan if you contact me offline or directly via @WinObs at Twitter I will get your stuff in the mail! Congrats and thanks to everyone for taking the time to comment.