Not only is today Friday and the end of the week but I also just received a great email from @MarcusatMSFT who is the Windows Community Manager at the Microsoft Clubhouse.

Turns out I have been nominated, along with several other Clubhouse contributors, for the First Annual Clubhouse Choice Awards.


As we come up on the one year anniversary of the Clubhouse, we’re going to celebrate the Clubhouse Choice Awards.  Our community management team has selected you and your contributions to be nominated as part of those awards.  Look for more information on the Clubhouse Space blog soon, but I wanted to send you this quick note ahead of time to say congratulations on your nomination!

Best regards,


Windows Community Manager

Now this was totally unexpected as Marcus had not mentioned anything at the site or on his Twitter stream.  I am nominated amongst some other very awesome folks and am honored and pleased just to be nominated along with them.

The work I have been nominated for was a post about Windows 7 and Libraries:

Windows 7 Libraries Feature Review

As I mentioned in a post yesterday, the Windows 7 Release Candidate is about to release to the public on Tuesday the 5th of May. This past Thursday members of MSDN, Technet and the technical beta had access to the download of the Windows 7 Release …

If you have a few minutes I would ask you to go along and vote for your favorites in each category – there is some great work amongst the nominees.

Click here to see the nominees and vote

Thanks for your continued visits to this site and my efforts – I get a HUGE kick out of doing this and none of that is possible with out you all.