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Microsoft springs Windows 7 RC a day early
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
For example, it delivered two betas and two release candidates for Windows Vista during that operating system’s trouble-plagued development.
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Opera & Mozilla Slam Windows 7 RC
TrustedReviews – Bracknell,England,UK
The essence of the (perfectly valid) claim is the rather underhand manoeuvre which affects upgrades from Windows Vista to the RC whereby the user’s default
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RE[9]: Performance has improved
OS News – USA
Superfetch runs as root, and performs a function of somewhat dubious value, and is (AFAIK) and irremovable part of the Windows Vista and Windows 7 OS.
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Download free Activate Windows Vista
By mizzdep
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The UrbanWire » Articles » Windows 7 RC: Microsoft Learns
By Michael Lum
Although Microsoft claimed that Windows 7 will be less resource hungry than Vista, the minimum hardware specs it had put up on its website were almost identical to those of Windows Vista. In fact, the only difference in requirements
The UrbanWire –

iTWire – WAT’s happening to Windows 7
Williams said: "The Windows 7 activation experience is based on that of Windows Vista SP1 and should appear familiar to users of Windows Vista SP1. This includes the notifications that alert customers if they need to activate their copy
iTWire – Latest Headlines – » Colourflow Computer Set Icons » Windows Vista
By admin
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Straightforward Message from Apple : Windows Vista Weblog
By Milo Riano
I remember when Windows Vista first came out, it was incompatible with a lot of vendors and the software giant was blamed for this despite repeated reminder from vendors about the things they should do to make their applications work.
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