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RE[7]: Performance has improved
OS News – USA
AFAIK, Superfetch is built in to Windows 7 and Vista, so Windows users aren’t given a choice. They must endure the longer boot to have the faster load for
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PC World

Microsoft to Test Windows 7 with Fake Fixes
PC World – USA
Microsoft plans to test Windows 7’s update mechanism by feeding users of the just-issued Release Candidate as many as 10 fake updates in the coming week,
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Installing Windows 7 RC1 on your Mac… for free
By Steven Sande
You can get a preview of the latest flavor of Windows, Windows 7, by running Release Candidate 1 of the new OS either in a virtual environment such as VMWare Fusion, Parallels, or VirtualBox, or in Apple’s own Boot Camp.
The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) –

Windows 7 usage jumps 22% after RC release | Windows 7 Center
By Al
According to NetApplications, Windows 7 usage has jumped 22% since the release of the Release Candidate. However, overall market share only amounts to 0.47% at.
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Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Beta
If you are contemplating skipping Vista & going from XP straight to Windows 7. The Upgrade Advisor is for scanning your PC to see if it is ready & capable for Windows 7, as we…
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Microsoft will release test updates for Windows 7 RC – SoftSailor
By Mark
Starting on May 12th, Microsoft will begin sending “fake” updates to all Windows 7 Release Candidate users in order to test the update mechanism efficiency and to make sure that, when the real updates will come, all things will run
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Windows 7 RC1 Available to Review : EveryJoe – Sports News – Tech
By Jason Bean
Today for Mother’s Day I thought I might upgrade my wife’s computer to have her try out the Windows 7 RC1 that’s now available. She’s been having some odd issues with her Vista installation randomly locking up, so I thought I’d install
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