It has been over a week since I posted anything more than a Google Alert here as my wife and I have been on vacation in Hawaii celebrating our upcoming 25th wedding anniversary.  This is a very scenic place and we have taken a lot of pictures – in fact – there are currently 508 uploaded after 5 days to our flickr account for this trip.

There are also lots of places that need a panoramic shot to really show the breadth of the view.  So using Windows Live Photo Gallery I have been taking a lot of shots to create those panoramas and they have turned out very well IMHO.

To create a panoramic shot it is quite easy.  Take a series of pictures of the scene you want turn into a panorama keeping a little bit of overlap in each successive shot as you move your camera across the scene.  Once you get back to your computer upload them and then open them up in Windows Live Photo Gallery.  Highlight each picture in the sequence by holding down the CTRL key and then once they are all highlighted Right Click and select Create Panoramic Photo and let it do its thing (highly technical term).  You then get a dialog box to save the new picture and as soon as you do that it will open it up in Windows Live Photo Gallery so you can see your masterpiece!

Here are the panoramas I have created over the last week since we arrived in Hawaii using this same method – enjoy!

Room View Panoramic Waterfall Panoramic
Kaneohe Bay Panorama Full Kaneohe Bay Panorama Tight
Lanikai Beach Panoramic Waikane (Chinamans Hat) Panoramic Sea
Lanikai Beach Panoramic 2 Diamond Head Panorama
Diamon Head to Sunset Panorama Waialee Beach Panoramic
Moana Surfrider Banyan Tree Moana Surfrider Pool
Lanikai Beach Panoramic 3 Waianae Mountains Panoramic
Sunset Panorama Kilauea Crater Panorama 1
Kilauea Crater Panorama 2 Kilauea Crater Panorama 3
USS ARIZONA and USS MISSOURI Panoramic Kilauea Vent Field Panorama 4