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Windows 7 – no Blu-ray for you
Zergwatch – Jackson,NJ,USA
iTWire writes: "Hopes for native Blu-ray support in Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 7 operating system have been dashed with confirmation the new OS won’t play
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No Windows 7 Blu-Ray Support
Windows 7 News – London,Lonodn,UK
APC are reporting that Microsoft will not include Blu-Ray playback capabilities in Windows 7. Adding Blu-Ray support to Windows would increase the costs of
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UAC Whitelist Hole In Windows 7
Slashdot – USA
They relaxed it a bit in Windows 7 because it was such a pain in the backside. Unfortunately, one way they did this (the third way so far found around UAC
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Why the recent builds of Windows 7 have option to turn “On” or
TopNews United States – Little Rock,Arkansas,USA
Windows 7, the Vista successor and next version of Windows, will likely be released for consumers next year, but its beta versions are already available for
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Windows 7’s IE ‘Off’ Switch: What Took So Long?
PC World – USA
In a Windows first, Microsoft has confirmed you’ll be able to remove Internet Explorer and other previously integrated programs from the Windows 7 operating
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Internet Explorer can be turned off in Windows 7 – USA
Microsoft has noted today that the upcoming RC of Windows 7 will include an "on/off" switch for Internet Explorer 8, making the browser not mandatory for
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Internet Explorer 8 to Be Optional for Windows 7 – Malverne,NY,USA
Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 7, will allow users in the EU to “turn off” Internet Explorer with a checkbox, as testers have recently discovered
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Windows 7 features stronger connectivity for remote offices – Washington,DC,USA
By Patrick Marshall Microsoft demonstrated new remote office features of the upcoming Windows 7 operating system at the Public Sector CIO Summit in Redmond,
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IE8 Will Be Removable From Windows 7
Visual Studio Magazine – Irvine,CA,USA
Microsoft will expand the list of "features" that can be disabled when the Windows 7 Release Candidate becomes available, including the ability to turn off
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Microsoft Recruiting For Windows 7 Small Biz Blitzkrieg
ChannelWeb – Manhasset,NY,USA
By Kevin McLaughlin, ChannelWeb Microsoft wants small businesses that have avoided Windows Vista like the plague to upgrade to Windows 7, and the software
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shawn dubya dot org » Windows 7: an experiment
By Shawn
We were also talking about Windows 7 and I mentioned I’d use the beta as my full time OS but I knew it expired in August. He flippantly said, “keep all your stuff in the cloud via sync.” I nodded and we moved on with our conversation.
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Utilitiy Site for All: Vista taskbar for Windows 7
By Nipun
Though Windows 7 has any advanced features and good look compared to Vista, some of the Vista users are disappointed with the new look of the taskbar. They prefer the old Vista style taskbar for Windows 7. We an make Windows 7 taskbar
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Promote Microsoft Windows 7 for the Enterprise – The techies
By admin
Microsoft said Wednesday ¬ as the needs of business users were considered in the early stages of design of the new operating system Windows 7. A blog post by Gavriella Schuster, Senior Director of Windows product management,
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