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Apple helps Microsoft get Windows 7 right
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
Windows 7 is just a remarketing of Windows Vista and any knuckle head with half a brain will see that. by smokified March 5, 2009 4:14 PM PST What pain goes
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HP Mini 1000 MI
PC World – USA
And it certainly isn’t as polished as Windows Vista. Then again, how many netbooks out there can actually run Vista? The Mini 1000 Mi comes bundled with a
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Windows Opens Vista SP2 Release Candidate to the Masses
TechNewsWorld – Sherman Oaks,CA,USA
By Walaika Haskins A release candidate for Microsoft Windows Vista Windows Server 2008 SP2 has been made available to the public.
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ReactOS Targets Windows 2003, Vista – USA
On the other hand the Win32 subsystem target is always at the latest Windows version released, which would be Windows Vista as of the writing.
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Report: Microsoft To Launch IE8 In Mid-March
ChannelWeb – Manhasset,NY,USA
and will offer IE8 to OEMs as an optional supplement to all Windows XP and Windows Vista operating system products licensed in the OEM channels.
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Vista SP2 Release Candidate Gets a Wider Audience
Sci-Tech Today – USA
The operating system update, which covers both Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, features improvements based on extensive feedback from Microsoft
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Windows Security Patches Coming Next Week
PC World – USA
Windows updates fix flaws that are not considered to be quite so dire, and one of these two important fixes does not affect Windows XP or Vista users.
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Windows Vista SP2 Release Candidate Now Available
Gotta Be Mobile – Colorado Springs,CO,USA
Well, if you’ve been anxiously awaiting the public release of Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Windows Vista, now’s your chance. It’s available for download here,
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Windows 7 to compete with XP in netbook market
Although Windows 7 is built on the same underlying architecture as Windows Vista, Microsoft has repeatedly stated that the upcoming operating system is more
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Windows Vista Serivce Pack 2 Now Out
UberGizmo – CA,USA
If you want to steady that Windows Vista boat of yours by a fair bit, might we suggest you drop whatever you’re doing at the moment and download the newly
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TechNet Flash Feed : Windows Vista SP2 RC and Windows Server 2008
By mitchirs
Another milestone was reached yesterday on the timeline for the Windows Vista Service Pack 2 and Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 release. The release candidate (RC) was made available to the general public as part of the Customer
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A selection of themes for Windows Vista –
A selection of themes for Windows Vista. I select, you select, he selects… Written by Enigmatux on 05 march 2009 at 16h45. Whereas some are trying to make themes for Windows 7, like those by :

big fix – Windows Vista
By regina11
big fix – Windows Vista Community and Forum – Our Windows Vista forum is the place for Q&A-style discussions related to the latest generation of the Microsoft operating system.
DaniWeb IT Discussion Community –