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Windows 7 Kill Switch For IE Confirmed — For More Apps, Too
Slashdot – USA
CWmike writes "Microsoft has confirmed that users will be able to remove its IE8 browser, as well as several other integrated applications, from Windows 7.
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Windows 7 Will Have IE 8 On-Off Switch
InformationWeek – Manhasset,NY,USA
By Antone Gonsalves Microsoft on Friday said the upcoming public release candidate of Windows 7 will include the ability turn off Internet Explorer 8,
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Windows 7 RTM: July? August? September? October?
Ars Technica – Boston,MA,USA
Rumors and speculation on when Windows 7 will hit the RTM milestone are across the board, but upon closer inspection, they all point to the same thing.
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What Microsoft Gains From Windows 7 Features’ On-Off Switch, Part 1
Microsoft Watch – USA
Several times over the last year, I advocated that Microsoft should take a more modular design approach with Windows 7. After all, Windows Server can be
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Microsoft confirms option to ditch IE8 in Windows 7
TechSpot – USA
By Jose Vilches, Microsoft has acknowledged recent findings that, starting with the next major test release of Windows 7, users will be able to
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Internet Explorer Will be Optional in Windows 7
PC Magazine – USA
by Michael Muchmore Internet Explorer has been added to the list of Windows 7 components that users can remove from the OS, according to a Friday blog post
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First look at Windows 7 build 7048
ZDNet Blogs – USA
Windows 7 has come a long way since the Beta 1 bits that were released back in January. Let’s take a look at the latest build to escape into the wild.
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Is a modular Windows 7 a good thing?
According to a new post on the Engineering Windows 7 blog, in future versions of Windows 7, you can turn off not just Internet Explorer, mind you,
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Windows 7’s Overlooked … – New York,NY,USA
While consumers and tech enthusiasts are making the most noise about Windows 7, enterprises are also concerned about what will replace Vista.
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Windows 7 a tough sell on netbooks? No kidding!
Intel CEO, Paul Otellini, is quoted in the Industry Standard saying that convincing netbook buyers to upgrade from the stripped down Windows 7 Starter
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Uninstalling Features In Windows 7
By Martin
The release candidate of Windows 7 comes with a surprising new feature in the Control Panel that will please many advanced users. A main point of criticism for.
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Windows 7 Driver Kit Documentation | PC Tips
By Jason
With the availability of Windows 7 Beta, Microsoft is also offering developers the necessary tools and resources to start building …
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Devianart – Windows 7 Logon Pack for Windows XP and 2003
By eches
Windows 7 Beta keeps getting phenomenal attention from Windows enthusiasts. In fact, there are many news related to the latest Microsoft’s operating system.
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I think I can address the Windows 7 ‘minor or major’ update
By pthurrott
Over the past year or so, I’ve written a lot about whether Windows 7 is a major or minor OS release. Microsoft, of course, has claimed that it is a major release, if only for the many user experience enhancements it’s made.
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Microsoft beta testing Windows 7 without IE 8
Microsoft may be testing a Windows 7 OS version which has IE 8 disabled by default, why the company wants to do this is a huge mystery to me, but it sure has the web abuzz. This new option is more than likely in response to the recent –