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History repeating? Remembering the ‘upgrade’ to Windows Vista
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
In a personal blog written back in August of 2007 I wrote: "As more people experience the fiasco that is Windows Vista, I thought I would pile on.
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Microsoft To Kill Windows 7 Beta On Feb. 10
InformationWeek – Manhasset,NY,USA
A final version of Windows 7, Microsoft’s follow-up to Windows Vista, is expected to be available in late 2009 or early 2010. Perhaps due to Vista’s
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This week’s letters and blog pingbacks in full – UK
I’ve been getting a bit irritated about the oft-repeated bashing of Windows Vista ("Windows 7" article in Tech Guardian 15-Jan-2009).
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IE8 Release Candidate 1 coming up later today?
TechWhack – New Delhi,Delhi,India
This version is likely to be for the users of Windows XP and Windows Vista. No update is likely to be released for users of Windows 7.
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Jamie’s Random Musings
Mine came with Windows Vista Business preloaded, and the CDs for a "downgrade" to XP Professional. I did not try to buy it with Linux (SuSE) preloaded,
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Test your defenses against malicious USB flash drives
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
A Windows computer that lets this autorun.inf file execute Paint, is an accident waiting to happen. On both Windows XP and Vista, Paint is file mspaint.exe
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Digital Domain Microsoft Songsmith Is Easy (if Painful to Hear)
New York Times – United States
It calls to mind a past Microsoft video, a riff on “Born in the USA” that’s all about selling Vista. How satisfying are the musical results?
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Windows 7 Feature Focus: Windows Gadgets – Windows Vista Forums
The Sidebar is gone but Windows Gadgets continue on in Windows 7… Source: Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite for Windows.
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History repeating? Remembering the ‘upgrade’ to Windows Vista
History repeating? Remembering the ‘upgrade’ to Windows Vista Breaking Tech News!
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Windows Vista Performance – check out this video! – External News
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Warhammer Performance Optimization (Windows Vista) | MMORPG-BAY
Warhammer Performance in Windows Vista: Apparently there is an option within Vista’s Power Management that manages power usage regardless of if you’re permanently connected to a power source or running on battery (laptop or desktop).

Windows 7 build 7025 screenshots leak with versions info
It looks like Microsoft is still going along Windows Vista’s path in releasing a Windows 7 Starter and Windows 7 Home Basic editions. It is really disappointing to see a Windows 7 Home Basic edition – May be it is a / Main –