In and amongst all of the recent hoopla with the Windows 7 Beta the IE Team has been plugging away at the eighth edition of Internet Explorer and have made available the Release Candidate (also known as RC) of IE8.

Release candidate means it is just a step or two away from final state or gold as the say in the business :-)

So if you want to see the features of this new version head on over to the IE page for direct links to the download or you can also get some more details as the Windows Team Blog.

Oh by the way – all of you who are diligently trying out the Windows 7 Beta – this is not for us.  This release is only for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Server.  The version of IE8 that is in Windows 7 is a pre-Release Candidate of IE8 and can not be upgraded to the actual RC of IE8.  We will have to wait until the next update of the Windows 7 beta to get the release candidate of IE8 on there.