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Installing Windows 7 on the Aspire One, or Any Other Netbook – USA
In any case, this means that even Windows Vista ran without any problems on my Aspire One. I didn’t have to turn anything off for Vista to run fine,
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Expert: Worm spreading in many ways becoming an epidemic
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
A worm that spreads via removable devices, network shares, and weak administrator passwords–in addition to exploiting a critical Windows vulnerability–is
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What is Windows Vista Starter?
Cnet Asia – San Francisco,CA,USA
What are the main differences between Windows Vista Starter and Vista Home Premium? I just bought a laptop it has Vista Starter installed on it.
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Complaints flood Seagate over hard drive problems
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
The complaints involve drives running Linux, Mac OS X and Windows Vista. The company said in a statement Friday that indeed a problem has caused some drives
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Want to run legacy Windows apps on Vista? Try the MED-V beta | All
Want to run legacy Windows apps on Vista? Try the … – January 15th, 2009 Want to run legacy Windows apps on Vista? Try the MED-V beta Posted by Mary Jo Foley @ 10:56 am Categories: Vista , Windows client , Corporate …
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Windows 7 Beta Beats Vista at SSD Performance – Specs, reviews and
And speaking about that SSD performance it looks like Windows 7 runs better on SSD than Vista. You can expect better speed, better access times and lower CPU usage. And since Windows 7 and SSD are going to be surely part of your –

Windows 7 Beta Customer Preview – Software
would probably be better served by having a more current version of Windows to use as a Guest OS. And, Windows Vista is not it. The word is that Windows 7 will be less of a resource hog than Windows Vista. And, its beta release became
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Stereo to 5.1 upmix audio in Windows 7
If you are like me and using Windows 7, then you will quickly find out the current software available does not allow this function. Even if you install the software designed for Windows Vista. Determined to listen to my mp3’s upmixed
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Windows Vista Magazine | How to change the interface language of
How to change the interface language in Windows Vista. For example, people who traveled to Canada and bought from there a laptop with Windows Vista in French and would like to switch to English, or the other way around.
Windows Vista Magazine | Home –