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Windows 7 beta versus Vista SP1 SSD Performance
We have gotten hold of the Windows 7 BETA and today we are going to compare the performance of single SSD as well as RAID 0 SSD in W7 and Vista SP1.
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Windows 7’s Media Hype Having the Opposite Effect as Vista’s
Slashdot – USA
And if the beta is anything to go by, Windows 7 is going to fly. This is, by far, the best beta operating system the software giant has ever released.
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Beware of the beta for Windows 7
News Chief – Winter Haven,FL,USA
Q. I have downloaded the beta for Windows 7. Should I install it and what is the impact if I do? A. Well, don’t install it on any machine that doesn’t come
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Windows 7 Beta takes another crown, besting Vista in SSD
It’s no huge surprise, since Microsoft was planning on improving performance on this front, but now we’ve got some of our first solid numbers on Windows 7 Beta SSD performance. Nothing crazy spectacular, but Windows 7 looks to have a
Engadget –

How to Download and Install Windows 7 Beta Language Packs (MUI
Language Packs, which were also known as Multilingual User Interface (MUI) packs in Vista, lets you change the language Windows 7 uses to display text in menus,
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Deep Inside Windows 7 with Tech Guru Mark Russinovich [Windows 7
Deep Inside Windows 7 with Tech Guru Mark Russinovich [Windows … – If you’ve got 45 minutes and a real hankering to know all you can about the nitty gritty of Windows 7, Microsoft Technical fellow, software engineer, and developer of
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Ubuntu, VirtualBox and Windows 7 Beta | Puleen Patel
For the past three years I have been living a Microsoft free lifestyle. A Microsoft free lifestyle means I use none of their software products within my.
Puleen Patel –

Windows 7 Beta Install Screenshots | Chris Johnston
Now that the Microsoft Windows 7 Beta has made it public, I have had a chance to install it. Here are the screenshots from the install that I did using Virtual.
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