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Lenovo Puts Atom Chip in Fan-less Desktop
PC World – USA
It runs the single-core Atom 230 processor with 512KB of cache, can have up to 2GB of RAM and comes with Windows Vista Home Basic.
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Windows 7 Beta Reviews Pop up
OS News – USA
El Reg concludes: "All told, this will likely be a strong release, as it needs to be after the Windows Vista experience, just do not expect miracles.
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Can Microsoft Make Windows For a Small World?
New York Times Blogs – New York,NY,USA
By Saul Hansell When designing Windows Vista, Microsoft put a lot of effort into taking advantage of sophisticated computer hardware, with fancy graphics on
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New Microsoft ads focus on savings that software can generate
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
That campaign was intended to spur interest in Windows Vista. But the Gates-Seinfeld ads disappeared after about two weeks in the wake of criticism that
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What You Think of Windows 7
Microsoft Watch – USA
That’s my conclusion after reading Microsoft Watch reader comments about using Windows Vista’s successor and also from using Seven during nearly three days.
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Microsoft fixes holes in SMB Windows network file sharing protocol
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 are not affected. A remote code execution vulnerability arises from the way the SMB protocol handles specially crafted
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The Best of PC World
PC World – USA
Switch from Windows Vista to Windows 7 completely. No going back to work with compatible programs. No jumping ship if a driver keeps out away from your
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Windows 7 beta deadline extended – United Kingdom
by technophiles because it gives more people the chance to access a system that is being, in the main, hailed as a huge improvement on Windows Vista.
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Microsoft: Don’t give Vista a miss
ZDNet Asia – Singapore
But we are asking customers to continue and deploy Windows Vista," said Francis. He explained that the software giant prioritized "easing migration" from
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Voices That Matter to me.. On Tech News! » The NetFlow
I have used it for many things from finding out the latest Windows Vista news to learning how to create a slipstreamed XP disk! Paul has an inside line to the good stuff at Microsoft so he’s really worth listening to if you want to keep
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Computer Programming Ebooks collection » Blog Archive » CBT
CBT NUGGETS MICROSOFT WINDOWS VISTA EXAMPACK 70-621 · Programming Add comments. Will you hit the professional-level authorisation you requirement when your underway or forthcoming employer shifts from XP/Office 2003 to Vista/Office 2007
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Windows 7 Beta vs. Windows Vista – System Requirements « More Than
Some users, especially business customers, fear that after coughing up a consistent amount of money and upgrading their computers, or hardware infrastructure in the case of businesses, in order to accommodate Windows Vista,
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Windows 7: Vista Upgrade & Anytime Upgrade overview
Over the next few weeks we will be adding many more focus items on Windows 7 including Touch, Windows 7 networking and media enhancements. Stay tuned for the ultimate Windows 7 focus from Here is an overview of Windows Vista / Software –