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First reactions to Windows 7
Having my hands on the beta 1 of Windows 7 over the holidays has been an interesting experience because it’s allowed me to show the OS to people and get
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Windows 7 Shown To Be Extremely Fast
Overclockers Club – Birmingham,AL,USA
While benchmarks have not yet been run against Vista and XP with Windows 7, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes of ZDNet did attempt to find out how it ran in some
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TechBlog: Windows 7 beta: first impressions
It’s probably not an exaggeration to say that Windows 7 is Microsoft’s most important release of its operating system in a decade. That’s not necessarily because of its advances, or what it does for Windows users, but rather because of
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Transform Windows XP to Windows 7 with Seven Skin Pack 2.0 Ultimate
Transform Windows XP to Windows 7 with Seven Skin Pack 2.0 Ultimate. Download Freeware Seven Skin pack 2.0 to make Windows Xp look like Windows 7.
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Kaspersky Antivirus Technical Preview Released for Windows 7
Kaspersky Antivirus recently announced the release of Kaspersky Antivirus which is for Windows 7. Download Kaspersky for Windows 7 Now.
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End User: Hands-On with the Windows 7 Beta: Surprise! It’s
Let me get this out of the way for those of you who are skimming the ol’ RSS feeds–this is, despite all expectations, seems to actually be a good operating system. Don’t let the trade dress fool you. You’re still…
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