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Windows 7 Will Only Have One ‘Ready’ Sticker, Down From Vista’s Four
Gizmodo – USA
After receiving endless flak for their silly tiered Vista Compatibility scheme, Microsoft has decided to issue a single "Windows 7 Capable" sticker for
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Microsoft stops selling Windows 3.x
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
My friends often show concern about being obsolete when I tell them to stay with Windows XP and skip Windows Vista entirely. Little do they know,
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Taskmgr Became Useless in Windows Vista
By Milo
None of this worked in my Windows Vista computer. Oh well, I’d have to accomplish all my task and restart my PC to solve this problem. Tags: Microsoft, Vista, Vista Errors, Windows. Share This.
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Using Windows Vista Speech Recognition
By Simon
In this video tutorial, we are going to look at the speech recognition application in Windows Vista. The speech recognition program allows you to control your computer using speech. You will need to have a microphone attached to your
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Have a better UAC experience with Norton User Account Control
By Ciprian
This summer we asked our visitors about the Windows Vista features that should be improved on Windows 7. One of the features that appeared very often into discussion was User Account Control (UAC). Many people find it rather annoying,
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Speed Up Windows Vista Using ReadyBoost
By Simon
Windows Vista introduced a new utility which can speed up your computer’s performance by utilizing your spare portable storage. Instead of using your hard drive, which is generally slower, you insert into your computer a USB drive,
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Microsoft provides latest Windows 7 roadmap
By andy
In the OEM update Microsoft also detailed Windows Anytime Upgrade (WAU). Like Vista, Windows 7 users will be able to upgrade to a “more premium” version to unlock additional features. More details will be forthcoming in Novembers update
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