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Why I’m Skipping Windows Vista: IT Speaks Out – Framingham,MA,USA
by Shane O’Neill Despite warnings to businesses about the dangers of skipping Windows Vista, many IT managers and CIOs are standing firm that the risks of
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The Do Nothing CIO
CIO – Framingham,MA,USA
We’ve all heard the arguments against even looking into Vista/Windows 7 alternatives. We are told, a transition to an open source desktop while saving
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What SOA technology can learn from Windows 7
InfoWorld – San Francisco,CA,USA
The best example that I can find of this same mistake being made is the release of Windows Vista, as related to the forthcoming release of Windows 7.
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Azure, Windows 7 and it’s OK for MS to hate Vista, too
Register – London,England,UK
On more familiar territory, Microsoft served up some eye-candy by showing off the interface to Windows 7, the planned predecessor to Windows Vista.
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A hands-on preview of Windows 7
BBC News – UK
Given the popularity of Windows XP and the plethora of issues that came with the launch of Windows Vista, Microsoft may have a tough job persuading users to
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SanDisk Develops Faster SSD Technology
InformationWeek – Manhasset,NY,USA
In order for SSDs to replicate or surpass the performance of hard disk drives attached to Windows Vista, write speeds of the SSDs have to be faster,
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My favorite Windows Vista gadgets
When I first began using Windows Vista, I dismissed the Sidebar as a gimmick. It didn’t help that the default gadgets Microsoft offered were of limited
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MS Exam 70-620 TS: Configuring Microsoft Windows Vista Client
By Ed Tittel
Covers the basics of hardware requirements and compatibility checks (eg Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor), performing a clean installation, upgrading to Vista from an earlier Windows version or from one version of Vista to another,
Vista Enterprise Desktop –

Deploying Windows Vista (snack size deployment info)
By Dan Stolts
Microsoft provides a range of tools and utilities that can help organizations successfully deploy Windows Vista. This Learning Snack describes how to deploy Windows Vista across a network and demonstrates how to create Windows Vista
TechNet Blogs –

Windows Vista Downgrade to Ubuntu Linux and Windows XP
By jtpratt
I’ve had a Toshiba laptop with Windows Vista Home on it for the last two years. It’s my main work machine, the one I do all my blogging and web site work on. In that time I’ve had to reformat it back to it’s original “storebought” state
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How to create a custom boot logo in Windows Vista
By Web Talk
Windows Vista is owned by millions of people and this not-so-new-anymore operating system is spread everywhere you go. From offices to your friend’s house, from shops to government buildings .So, no wonder if people are always looking
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Tweak Windows XP and Vista With WinSecret
By Skyler Huse
Take Control of your Right-Click Menu with FileMenu Tools; Improving Windows Vista with TweakVI; Screenshot Simulation: Windows Vista TCP/IP Properties; How to allow a program through the Windows Vista Firewall; How to display file
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