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What does Microsoft have against Windows Vista?
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
Now I understand that Microsoft has a vested interest in seeing Windows 7 become a success, but doesn’t it want to see Windows Vista become a success too?
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Windows 7 security: An overall improvement?
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
At first glance, build 6801 of Windows 7 appears very much like Windows Vista; that’s because enhancements to the look and feel part of the operating system
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Windows 7: What You Need to Know
PC Magazine – USA
Of course I’m referring to Windows 7, the long-rumored follow-up to Windows Vista. What’s new in Win 7? When will it arrive? We’ve got some answers to the
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Windows 7 Could Debut In 2009
InformationWeek – Manhasset,NY,USA
This week’s hype around Windows 7 means Vista sales will continue to decline. Vista, on the market for less than two years, is already pass.
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Dell Inspiron Mini 12: Bigger display, Thinner body – Philippines
Windows XP and Ubuntu will still be the OS options for 2008 but come 2009, Windows Vista will likewise be available as well. There will also be 60GB or 80GB
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Netbooks and the End of Windows Vista
Wall Street Journal Blogs – New York,NY,USA
Most netbooks aren’t powerful enough to run Windows Vista, the current version of Microsoft’s operating system. HP’s new computer, for example, runs XP,
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Windows 7 Gets Its Coming-Out Party – USA
Yet another change: The sidebar from Windows Vista that occupied the right side of the screen is gone. Under Windows 7, it’s possible to place widgets
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Vista’s successor is more than Windows dressing – UK
Indeed, you can build you own PC and expect Windows to work on it. It’s no secret that too few suppliers paid attention to the last version, Windows Vista,
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You’ve got Windows 7 questions, I’ve got answers
One example that illustrates the point is the difference between Backup programs in Windows Vista and Windows 7. The Windows 7 version, shown below,
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What does Microsoft have against Windows Vista?
Don Reisinger thinks Microsoft is running away from Vista. But why would it want to do that already with Windows 7 more than a year away?
CNET – Business Tech –

Still Afraid of Vista? Microsoft Extends Windows Vista Small
If you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge and upgrading to Vista anytime soon, you may want to do it before the end of the year. Microsoft is extending eligibility for its Windows Vista Small Business Assurance (WVSBA) program –

More out-of-cycle Vista patches on Windows Update!
By Ed Tittel
More interesting, and more mysterious is the other item: a “reliability update” for Windows Vista described in a currently unavailable Knowledge Base article (KB957200). All I can find on this update so far is the standalone download
Vista Enterprise Desktop –

Windows 7 Introduced at PDC
By Milo
Sinofsky made it clear that Windows 7 codebase is Windows Vista and since Vista is already two years old, driver support would no longer be an issue. Another important issue that Microsoft addressed is the memory requirements of Windows
Windows Vista Weblog –