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Can Windows 7 Erase The Ghost Of Vista Past?
CRN – Manhasset,NY,USA
After just two years Microsoft has decided to drop Windows Vista in favor of their next operating system, dubbed Windows 7. The company previewed Windows 7
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New math for Microsoft, as Windows 7 = addition by subtraction
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
Started two years before Office 2007 (though released at the same time), Windows Vista was honed to Microsoft’s traditional design specification.
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Quick Tip: Customize your Windows Vista cursor
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
If desktop eye candy never gets too sweet for your tastes, you may already know about CursorFX. The free cursor enhancing tool that used to be known as
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Giz Explains: Why Windows 7 Will Smash Vista – USA
Windows 7 is what Windows Vista should have been, what we hoped it would be. The Batman Begins to Vista’s Batman and Robin. While superficially both are
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Microsoft’s 1-2 punch
InfoWorld – San Francisco,CA,USA
Meanwhile, for a lot of business buysers and consumers, Windows Vista has become a non-starter. Face it, who wants their OS upgrade to be a Dave Letterman
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Microsoft Offers First Glimpse Of Windows 7 – Canada
by Kris Abel on Tue 28 Oct 2008 05:21 PM EDT The first images and details of Windows 7, the next operating system designed to replace Vista were made
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Windows 7 designed to start easier than Vista
San Francisco Chronicle – CA, USA
While Microsoft has sold more than 180 million copies of Vista, perceptions of it continue to be defined by its bumpy start in 2007. Windows 7’s features
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Windows 7 first look: A big fix for Vista – Southborough,MA,USA
By Yardena Arar and Harry Mccracken , PC World , 10/29/2008 What if Microsoft waved a magic wand and everything people hated about Windows Vista went away
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PDC 2008: The hard job of moving on after Vista
BetaNews – USA
LOS ANGELES (BetaNews) – Windows Vista has been described with a wide variety of adjectives, ranging from an ongoing success to, in the words of my friend
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Ready for Vista Final? (Code-named Windows 7)
By Zoli Erdos
Contrary to ridiculous assertions recently made by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Windows Vista is a flop. If businesses aren’t buying Vista, after waiting six (now seven) years, it’s no success. Yet, during the last day of the Gartner
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Microsoft vows Windows 7 will fix Vista mistakes
By friendlycomputers
Microsoft won’t repeat this mistake with Windows 7, Sinofsky said, and because the operating system kernel is the same as the one in Vista and Windows Server 2008, all of the devices and applications that work with those operating
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Deployment Planning for BitLocker Drive Encryption for Windows
By Matt-MS
windowsvista Microsoft IT Showcase just published the Deployment Planning for BitLocker Drive Encryption for Windows Vista, which discusses how Microsoft IT is deploying BitLocker Drive Encryption to increase data security on laptop
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Windows Vista: A testament to monopoly power
Microsoft has perhaps gifted the industry the Web by failing to succeed with Windows.
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