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Microsoft Launches "Phase Two" of Vista Ad Campaign
Appscout – New York,NY,USA
Windows Vista rocks. Listen to real users, not actors." Real users, sure, but like its predecessors, the commercial don’t really address user experiences, …
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Acer takes a stab at Windows Vista, saying "it’s almost done"
T3 – UK
It appears even Acer isn’t too fond of Windows Vista, with the President and CEO, Gianfranco Lanci, claiming "I think when they introduced Vista it was not …
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Windows 7 won’t break ties with Vista, goes public in November
Australian Personal Computer – Sydney,Australia
"We want to make sure that programs that run on Windows Vista continue to run on Windows 7," Sinofsky wrote. "That’s a commitment we have made from the …
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Microsoft Corporation Windows Vista Home Basic Windows Vista Home …
IT Business Net – Newport Beach,CA,USA
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Prem 64bit DVD Windows Vista Home Prem 64-bit English 1pk DSP OEI… By Jeff Van West In Windows Vista Essential Training …
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Linux, a more powerful competitor for Vista
ITvoir – New Delhi,Delhi,India
The users have so many choices to select from Windows Vista, Leopard and various distributions of Linux. It is been approximately two years since Vista is …
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TV Pack headaches reveal Microsoft’s Media Center dilemma
Of all the features included with Windows Vista, Media Center is unique. The Media Center application is built into the Home Premium and Ultimate editions …
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Windows ‘Mojave’ mo’ of the same – Tallahassee,FL,USA
Is it to convince us, the audience, that Windows Vista really doesn’t suck? That the fact that we may think it sucks is somehow because we were told it …
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QuickTime and iTunes DoS exploit released
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
The announcement comes one week after Apple patched nine security flaws in its media player and fixed Windows Vista problems within its recently updated …
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New AMD Game Utility May Pose Security Risks
PC Magazine – USA
According to Matt Davis of AMD, such applications that might be turned off include Web conferencing software and Windows Vista widgets, or the Windows Vista …
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Microrosoft Drops Seinfeld For Its Own PC Guy
InformationWeek – Manhasset,NY,USA
Windows Vista, which debuted last year, was widely criticized for having numerous, extraneous features that weren’t likely to be used much but which require …
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Five ways to fix Firefox 3 Connection errors in Vista
By Jason
(1); How to Move Web Applications to Your Desktop (0); How to Internet Connection Sharing In Windows Vista (1); Fix Windows and Internet Explorer Missing Files (0); Download Windows Firewall with Advanced Security (5) …
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Test Drive Windows Vista Online Win 200$ Gift Card
By Amit Bhawani
You are planning to buy a new laptop which would come with a Pre-Installed Windows Vista and you are confused how the interface would be? Dont worry Microsoft Virtual Labs are offering you a online windows test drive service – a service … Blog –
Windows: Life without Walls
By Chris Flores
The Windows consumer campaign has officially moved into its next phase with a new series of TV and print ads designed to highlight that technology is supposed to help people break through barriers and overcome obstacles. …
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Windows Vista How To’s – September 19, 2008
How To: Microsoft Windows Vista Visual Encyclopedia — from PDF CHM Books Catalogue • How To: Keyboard Shortcuts to Use with Remote Desktop — by Rich from Windows Guides | • How To: Breakthrough Windows Vista — from …
Windows Vista How To’s – Boxxet –
Windows Vista Tips and Tricks: Using the Numeric Keypad as a Mouse
By Jack Dunning
Using the Numeric Keypad as a Mouse Windows Vista has a feature in the Ease of Access Center that makes it possible to use the numeric keypad (if you have one) as a backup mouse. This feature is also available in Windows XP.
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