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The TechRadar Sidebar gadget for Windows Vista is now available – London,UK
You can use Windows Vista Sidebar gadgets for browsing eBay, checking train times and weather forecasts, and now there’s one to bring you the latest news …
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Microsoft holds back on IE8 auto-update for Vista
PC Advisor – London,UK
Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 users can ignore those constraints. Although Microsoft has enabled auto-updating for IE8 to Beta 2 for Windows XP and …
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Microsoft Tells: Why Vista "Failed"
TheTechLounge – San Antonio,TX,USA
Way back in January 2007, after years of hype and anticipation, Microsoft unveiled Windows Vista to a decidedly lukewarm reception by the PC community, …
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Microsoft’s Coming Vista Ads Will Feature Other Celebrities
Wall Street Journal – USA
By ROBERT A. GUTH Microsoft Corp. said it will move Thursday into the next phase of its high-profile Windows Vista advertising campaign, in which comedian …
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Attachment Woes in Vista Mail
New York Times – United States
By JD BIERSDORFER Q. I am having trouble getting file attachments with the Windows Mail program in Windows Vista. What might be the problem? …
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Windows 7 Milestone 3 Previewed: Just Like Vista, But With Office …
Gizmodo – USA
From what admittedly little I had a chance to see, Windows 7 does not look or feel like a major departure from Windows Vista." Update: Actual screenshot of …
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Globe and Mail

A place for your stuff
Globe and Mail – Canada
The software (it runs on Windows Vista, XP, 2000, or MAC OS 10.3 or higher) starts with a short wizard to get all your particulars and co-ordinates, …
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Windows Vista Essential Training: Windows Vista Basics
U.S. Daily – Laguna Niguel,ca,USA
In Windows Vista Essential Training , instructor Jeff Van West offers comprehensive guidance through the often-daunting task of upgrading Windows system …
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FoxTab turns your browser tabs into a spectacle
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
It’s called FoxTab, and it’s across between Mac OS X’s Expose, Windows Vista’s Flip 3D, and the thumbnail view in Google Chrome. …
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Microsoft posts 21 more versions of IE8, holds off updating Vista
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
The company, however, declined to set a date for when it will automatically update Windows Vista systems that have a copy of IE8 Beta 1 already installed. …
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How to Make/Create a Bootable USB Flash Disk Windows Vista Installer
By (LawrenceAlbert) wrote a guide on how to create a USB Drive Vista Installer. The article is interesting because recently a friend of mine wishes to install Windows Vista on to a laptop in which DVD drive is not working anymore (it’s already …
Unlock for Us –

Windows Vista Ultimate A Review from an Ubuntu linux User
By Noel Nuguid
Ubuntu then evolved to quite capable alternative to MS Windows. However, the latest incarnation of Microsoft’s operating system – Windows Vista is the main contender in the operating system arena. Many believe that Windows Vista is a …
BusinessGeeks –

Windows Vista is so Easy and Friendly User!!!
By Katelove’s(Katelove’s)
And when i heard about Windows Vista i get curious about it since most of my friends told me that it’s very easy to use, it’s friendly user and very handy. So, i upgraded my desktop so that i can have vista with it. …
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Change Desktop Search Default Application
By Milo
Neville Hobson talks about problems he encountered with Windows Desktop Search in Vista. He says that problems are caused by background indexing processes. While I do not share his sentiments, there might be people and readers of WVW …
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