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Vista, OS X updates could bring significant SSD speed gains
engadget – Santa Monica,CA,USA
… for reading and writing files to SSD as a potential update for Windows Vista, which is particularly optimized to work best with traditional hard drives. …
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Has Windows Vista Been Unfairly Savaged by the Media? (press release) – Sarasota,FL,USA
As I thought about this question, I decided to go back and look at the early reviews of Windows XP. It seems users were not happy then about the change in …
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RE: this news is pure .FUD. – USA
They either fix it in Win7, or it will be irrelevant post-Win7 (which I’m guessing is the end of the line for NT-based kernels, if not the "Windows" brand).
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Security pros completely bypass Vista’s now "useless" security
Yahoo! Tech – Sunnyvale,CA,USA
About all those fancy security measures Microsoft put into Windows Vista… well, they’re now pretty much useless, according to security experts from IBM …
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Technology Briefs
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
The beta runs on Windows XP. WinFS will still be in beta in late 2006, when Windows Vista is due to ship, according to Quentin Clark, director of program …
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You really can tell your PC what to do
The Times – Johannesburg,Gauteng,South Africa
“Doesn’t Windows Vista come with speech recognition?” Yes, and it’s really good — quite similar to NatSpeak, actually. But Nuance says that, oddly enough, …
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Windows Vista Tricks To un-Freeze System Without Rebooting
By admin
You’ve probably encountered unpleasant experience while working on Windows Vista on several occasion. The system suddenly freeze-up while you are executing a Windows component (such as searching file on Windows Explorer or the desktop). … –

Windows Vista Hotfixes (09.08.2008)
In this post we provide access to all Hotfixes for Windows Vista, that are not included in the automatic updates, but they fix bugs and incompatibilities in the operating system.Note that this is only a list of the hotfixes that are …
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Windows Vista How To’s – August 10, 2008
How To: Networking with Microsoft Windows Vista — by Ayo-Ayo from 100% Free Quality IT Ebooks • How To: Change Windows XP and Vista Admin Passwords Instantly — by avyaya from Avyaya – Tech Rants • How To: Tuning Windows Vista for …
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Comment on Windows Vista “I can do that” is a disgrace by Nicholas
By Nicholas
It doesn’t even tell the features of Windows Vista!!
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Windows Vista Ultimate: The last Microsoft “Ultimate” I’ll buy
By kyleabaker
Microsoft had an unreasonably long delay between Windows XP and Windows Vista. Call it what you will, but I call it laziness. I think they just wanted to sit back and see how long the world would buy copies of Windows XP before we … –