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HOW TO: slipstream Vista SP1 into your Vista install DVD
Australian Personal Computer – Sydney,Australia
Unfortunately, that’s not the case with Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008, which both handle patches and updates differently compared with previous …
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Business Column: Windows Vista program lives up to all the hype
Times Herald-Record – Middletown,NY,USA
With Microsoft’s latest operating system (OS) incarnation, Windows Vista, touted as a true next-generation blend of hardware, software and user experience, …
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Move Your Business from Windows to Linux
PC World – USA
If the cost of Windows is getting your small business down, consider shifting to Linux. Windows Vista debuted to muffled applause, followed by lackluster …
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Why do people don’t want to switch with WIndows Vista
Informative Post – Toledo,OH,USA
Based on different forums I have visited, people wanted to keep their Windows XP OS until it was totally dead because they are claiming that Windows Vista …
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Microsoft Patch Tuesday Low Key, Brings Vista Code Injection Risk Fix
eFluxMedia – USA
The most expected of the four patches is the one affecting Windows Vista and Windows Vista Service Pack 1, as well as Windows Server 2008. …
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Windows SteadyState 2.5 – Amsterdam,Netherlands
Windows® SteadyState™ 2.5 is now available on Windows XP and Windows Vista. Whether you manage computers in a school computer lab or an Internet café, …
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Laptop 101 for college
Southtown Star – Chicago,IL,USA
If you’re just using it for e-mail, word processing and access to the Internet, Windows Vista or Windows XP laptops will work great. …
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How to Print to a PDF File on Windows Vista
By The Geek
So how exactly do we print to a PDF in Vista? The answer is a freeware utility called CutePDF Writer, and if you can stand rebooting your computer twice (painful) then you can get it installed without a lot of trouble. …
the How-To Geek –

FREE Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade SP1, Adobe Photoshop CS3, and …
By Michael Aulia
Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate UPGRADE with Service Pack 1; Adobe Photoshop CS3; VMWare Workstation 6. “Nothing comes for FREE” , you say? Well sort of true. There are some conditions that you need to do to grab these free licenses. …
Michael Aulia’s Blog –

jd2066 on "dual boot xp and vista…vista not booting"
By jd2066
Scroll down to "We’ll assume XP is completely installed at this point, and you will have lost your ability to boot into Windows Vista" to see how to set up the boot menu to list XP and Vista.
How-To Geek Forums Forum: Windows Vista –

DirecTV Missing the Flight to Fiji?
By Matthew Miller
One possibility is that Microsoft is trying to give system builders a unique feature to help stimulate sales of systems running Windows Vista. A more tasteful possibility is that Fiji will, like XP Media Center, have some specific and …
We Got Served –

Nero 8 and Windows Vista 64-bit – not a dream team
By NenoLoje
… a year now are supported by all major products. From the system requirements of Nero 8:. Windows Vista® Gadgets are not available for Windows Vista® x64; Nero ImageDrive currently supports Windows® 2000 and Windows® XP (32 Bit only)
Neno Loje’s Treasury –