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A Hard Sell on Windows Vista
Redmond Channel Partner – Irvine,CA,USA
One theme we didn’t mention is that Microsoft is going to push its partners hard this week to get out there and sell Windows Vista. …
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Tips on making your PC Vista-enabled – New Delhi,India
TO UPGRADE OR NOT TO UPGRADE: If all you want to do is surf the web, don’t buy Vista yet. Microsoft has released new versions of Windows, Windows Vista, …
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Microsoft Pushes Vista with Gas Giveaway for Small Businesses
Promo Magazine – New York,NY,USA
“Windows Vista can save you as much as $70.77 in energy costs per PC per year compared to a typical PC not running Vista,” the Web site says. …
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Microsoft warns users of coming update to Windows Update
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
… Haven added, is the "off" option, which is labeled "Turn off Automatic Updates" in Windows XP and "Never check for updates" in Windows Vista. …
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Move Your Business from Windows to Linux
PC World – USA
Windows Vista debuted to muffled applause, followed by lackluster sales. Up until June 30, cash-strapped businesses looking to avoid the cost of upgrading …
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Windows Vista Steals the (Slide) Show
CBS 42 – Austin,TX,USA
In my new laptop with Windows Vista it works exactly the same — until you need to touch up a photograph. In XP you can edit a photograph. …
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VideoMate Vista E900F PCIe Dual DVB-T & Analog TV/FM Card
HEXUS – London,UK
Fully compatible with Windows Vista, VideoMate Vista E900F also offers some features for Windows Vista Premium/Ultimate. With the press of the bundled …
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X1 Professional Client earns the Certified for Microsoft Windows …
Business Wire (press release) – San Francisco,CA,USA
Products that carry the Certified for Microsoft Windows Vista logo have met explicit standards of reliability and quality. The X1 Professional Client has …
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How to make sweet lemonade out of sour Vista lemons
ZDNet Blogs – USA
In a previous article I talked about some of the ways Microsoft might be able to learn from its mistakes with Windows Vista and deliver a winner with …
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X1 Technologies Gets Vista Certification – Thousand Oaks,CA,USA
Pasadena-based X1 Technologies, a developer of desktop search software, has gained certification for Microsoft’s Windows Vista, the firm said today. …
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$78.79 – Microsoft Microsoft Windows Vista H – w/ shipping
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Offer Microsoft 2007 Upgrade Retail Box discount Aero program Media Center computing mobile laptop tablet support IE7 Defender Firewall secure new XP Xbox integration office work business …
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Installing GPMC on Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista Service …
By Kenneth van Surksum
For some time now, we’ve had inquiries about where the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) is located in Windows Server 2008 or Windows Vista SP1. It’s well documented that Server 2008 includes GPMC but, it does not appear in the … Headlines –

How to Get Your Computer to Look like windows Vista!
By AutoRifle12
Right Now i Will show you how to get windows xp to look like Windows Vista. so i bet some of you are asking….what is windows vista…well have you ever heard of windows xp so it is supposily the best OS ever. …
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How to Disable SuperFetch on Windows Vista
By vistakhmer
The SuperFetch service in Windows Vista preloads your system’s memory with the applications that you use most often. This makes launching of those applications much faster, but it might be an unwanted behavior for system tweakers or …
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Improve the Speed of Windows Vista
By Markus
With the ending of an era with Windows XP we are all going to have to get used to Windows Vista. But one main complaint I hear from users and potential users is the worry with the speed of Vista, or the lack of speed by Vista. …
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