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Windows User Profile Policies in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista (press release) – Sarasota,FL,USA
Windows Vista made numerous changes with how user profiles work. In fact, the changes are too numerous to describe here (you can read more about the changes …
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ATI Catalyst Display Driver v 8.6 for Windows Vista 64bit
TechSpot – USA
Users are also able to run in CrossFireX™ QUAD mode while running in extended desktop mode on the Windows Vista desktop. The following performance gains are …
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How To Get HDTV on Your PC
PC Magazine – USA
… noting that "clear-QAM signals are supported with the version of Windows Media Center that is included with both Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows …
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Battle of the OS: Linux vs Mac OS X vs Windows Vista vs XP
Palluxo! – Mac Dose of All Things Apple – Vancouver,BC,Canada
Windows Vista – according to Preston Gralla: “If you want a safe, modern operating system that will run the software you want on reasonably priced hardware …
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Tweak Windows Vista Services the right way
TechRepublic – Louisville,KY,USA
Save yourself future troubleshooting pain by creating a snapshot of the current state of the Microsoft Windows Vista services on your system before you …
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Microsoft calls shots on XP downgrades, says Dell
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
"Anyone who buys Windows Vista Business or Windows Vista Ultimate is eligible for a downgrade." Nor is Microsoft telling computer manufacturers which type …
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Benchtest: Windows XP SP3 vs. Windows Vista SP1 – London,UK
Does the new Vista service pack solve its problems, or should you update XP instead? Does the new service pack put Windows Vista back on the map or should …
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Most developers prefer XP over Vista – Sydney,Australia
Microsoft should just forget about Vista and make Windows 7 more like XP in its code base. Or, to just write an entirely new operating system from scratch. …
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Compared: Windows XP SP3 vs. Windows Vista SP1 – London,UK
What’s the point of Windows Vista? Worryingly for Microsoft, the increasing consensus among savvy consumers is that it offers little or no benefit. …
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How Will Your Organization Be Affected by Windows Vista SP1?
Earthtimes (press release) – London,UK
The webinar, titled “What Windows Vista SP1 Means for Administrators,” provides critical information for administrators no matter if they have already …
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Using Vista…windows no webpages open. Help!
By my2janes
Hello, I use windows Vista and had no problem with the windows update part until now. I’ve had this computer for 9 months with no problem and now, this most recent windows update won’t make me open any webpages. I can connect to the …
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Windows Vista Upgrade
By TheWarIsNotOver(vista)
I want to install Windows Vista on my dimesnion 5150 but I was wondering how that worked. When you install Windows Vista will all your settings, programs, software and all things you saved, dissappear and start from scratch? …
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NV2 Final Theme – Free Download
I think that black and green go perfectly together and the creator of this theme would agree. Are you still using Windows XP? If you are, then you have to download the XP Theme Patcher. If you’re using Windows Vista, you don’t need the …
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Man Gets Windows Vista to Work With Printer
The core of the story is that a man couldn’t get his printer to work with Windows Vista, and ultimately, with the help of a Microsoft test manager, solved the problem warranting a follow-up article. The comedy here, of course, …
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